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Introducing our Cosmetic Bottle Free Mockup Set – a sophisticated and versatile template designed to showcase your cosmetic packaging designs with elegance and precision. This mockup set offers a high-quality presentation, allowing you to display your creative concepts for cosmetic bottles, labels, and promotional materials in a realistic and professional manner. Featuring a collection of cosmetic bottles in various shapes and sizes, this mockup set provides a detailed and authentic representation of your packaging designs. The customizable elements make it easy to seamlessly integrate your branding, logos, or any other design elements onto the bottles and labels, offering a comprehensive preview of your cosmetic line. Whether you’re presenting product packaging to clients, creating promotional material, or showcasing your work on social media, this mockup set ensures your designs are portrayed realistically.


Format: 15 PSD files
Dimensions: 5460 x 3642 px
Size: 693 Mb

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